Sundance Cycles




Ashton “AJ” Johnson

Owner of Sundance Cycles, AJ has owned his own shop for twenty nine years, raced mountain, road and track and was an alternate on the US National team. The cycling life style and cycling community are a major part of AJ's life and he wants you to join the fun and experience the greatest sport on earth. He's not just selling bicycles he's selling bicycling as well.

AJ has been a certified USCF coach, holds certifications from Serotta, SICI, Retul, and F.I.S.T. and has performed thousands of commercial fittings on all manner of riders from couch potatoes to pros.


Last day was 6/24/2012

After 28 years (14 years in Agoura + 14 years in Ventura) Sundance Cycles is making a big change. Sundance Cycles is closing...

Don't cry and don't laugh and especially don't point and say "I told you so." We couldn't be happier. The original plan was to close the shop and open a sort of Mini-Win's repair and fit facility in about a 500sq-ft space. Well things turn up that you might never expect and Julian Franco came to me and asked if I'd like to work for them. Let me think about this, days off, not the owner so less headaches, less 12hr days, a really great crew to work with, really cool bikes... hmmmm. OKAY!!! That's it, I will be at Franco Bicycles doing the assemble work, still doing my own fitting work and likely much more. Drop by, say hi, check out my "new-to-me" Snap-On box and the new service area being set up in the back room plus, see all the new bikes from Franco.


God bless Win of Win's Wheels who has taken over our free ajustment program. He has a list of the Sundance customers who qualify and will provide the same free service we offered when you bought your bike. Win's is a repaire only operation and irnig out some of the best work anywhere, just check out his reviews on Goggle and Yelp. His number is 818-597-1574